Our professionals at Northeast Med-Equip will help you breathe a little easier knowing that our highly trained Certified Respiratory Therapists have the knowledge of the latest advances in respiratory therapy and care. We carry a full line of home respiratory equipment, including CPAP and Bi-PAP machines, portable oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, pulse oximeters and supplies for sleep apnea.   Northeast Med-Equip offers private CPAP fitting areas and we work with your physician to make sure the systems we have will suit your needs.  Our respiratory therapist sets the device to the physician's specified levels and we monitor and maintain the systems to ensure your comfort.  

Respiratory Therapist

Our new "CPAP Connect" service will ensure you receive your supplies in a timely fashion. When your replacement supplies are due, you will receive a guided phone call as a reminder. Of course, it is up to YOU to decide if you need them at that time.  Plus we bill your insurance company when you are eligible. Contact us to enroll in this FREE reminder service. 

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